Genera Cosmetici by Fairness
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Dolce Natura Line
Dolce Natura is a line rich in vegetable extracts, which give effectiveness and naturalness. The lively colours and the enjoyable fragrances make the daily use very pleasant.
White Nettle and Eucalyptus Shampoo
Cotton and Peach Shampoo & Conditioner
Cotton and Peach Conditioner
Camomile and Aloe Vera Shampoo
Camomile and Aloe Vera Conditioner
Panthenol and Silk Proteins Shampoo
Panthenol and Silk Proteins Conditioner
Panthenol and Silk Proteins Shampoo
Mousse Beauty Bath Shower Cream
Pleasure Flowers Bath Shower Cream
Smile Day Bath Shower Cream
Delizia Bath Foam perfumed Mediterranean Fruits
Essenza Bath Foam with Argan Oil
Vanità Bath Foam perfumed Lavender and Vanilla
Delizia Liquid Soap perfumed Mediterranean Fruits
Essenza Liquid Soap with Argan Oil
Vanità Liquid Soap perfumed Lavender and Vanilla