Genera Cosmetici by Fairness
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Hair Care Line
Hair-packs and conditioners are products formulated with innovative raw materials with a high cosmetic level, specific not only to protect the hair and give it volume and brightness, but also to create a protective and conditioning system, able to cancel the electric charge caused by washing and to protect from the styling action.
Regenerating Hair-Pack with Fruit Extracts
Regenerating Hair-Pack with Herbs
Regenerating Hair-Pack with Rice Oil and Karitè Butter
Regenerating Hair-Pack with Coconut Oil
Hair-Pack with Argan Oil
Hair-Repair Conditioner with Coconut Milk
Hair Repair Condotioner
with Almond Milk
Hair-Repair Conditioner with Olive Oil
Velvet Volume Shampoo
Shine Argan Shampoo
Dynamic Man Shampoo
Glamour Shampoo&Conditioner 2in1
Powerful Shampoo, Conditioner and Antidandruff 3in1
Hair-Repair Conditioner with Coconut Milk