Genera Cosmetici by Fairness
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Hands & feet line
Care, comfort and hygiene for hands and feet. For Genera they are so important that a specific line was dedicated to them. The hydrating and emollient creams help to solve the small daily problems, such as cuts and dryness.
They are enriched with active ingredients. The line is completed by the gels for the hands hygiene, effective, delicate and scented. Dedicated to feet and legs the deodorant, anti-weariness creams, with vegetable extracts, restructuring, emollient and anti- swelling.

Everyday Cream

Everyday Soft Cream with Aloe and Honey

Beautiful Hands Cream
Hands Cream With Glycerine and Vit. E
Hands and Nails Cream Intensive Treatment

K.O. Germs Gel for Hands Hygiene Neutral

K.O. Germs Gel for Hands Hygiene Neutral
Feet Cream
Intensive Treatment
Feet and Heels Cream