Genera Cosmetici by Fairness
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Liquid Soap Line
Genera Soft Soaps are products with a neutral pH, conceived for the hands hygiene, yet ideal for face and body, in different practical packaging. The used raw materials are specific for the respect of a skin subject to frequent washes. The washing effect is given by amphoteric and anionic surface-active agents, together with some adjuvant specific for each formulation, such as antibacterial or emollient substances, which create a rich and creamy foam. The line is completed by the gels for the hands hygiene, effective, delicate and scented.
Liquid Soap with Aloe Vera Nourishing
Liquid Soap Sea Salts
with Sanitizing Agents
Liquid Soap Raspberry and Pomegranate - Softening
Liquid Soap Vanilla Extra Nourishing
Liquid Soap Neutral - Hydrating
Liquid Soap with Anti-bacterial - Agents Hydrating
Liquid Soap Scent of White Musk - Emollient
Liquid Soap Lemon - Odour Removing
Neutral Liquid Soap with Aloe Vera