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Sun Line
Sunbathing is important for our health. Our organism needs to be purified and to regenerate after the long winter. Vitamin D, fundamental for bones, is stored under the skin and is activated by UV-rays; serotonin as well, the happiness hormone, is active according to the hours of light we perceive. To this, we can associate a strong psychological component, linked to the idea of being pleasant, to the concept of freedom, to the wish for open air and for holidays...
Sun Milk with Vit. E
Sea Breeze Acqua Sun
Tropical Acqua Sun
Baby Sun Milk
with Vit. E SPF 30
Baby Sun Milk
with Vit. E SPF 50
Sun Oil SPF 6
Tropical Sun Oil
Face Sun Cream SPF 30 Tube
Hydrating After Sun Fluid
with Vit. E
Freshness Shower Shampoo Menthol/Aloe
Lip Balm Sun Protection SPF 25